Rosendale New York

The Tavern not only serves drinks, but they also serve quite a variety of foods as well. Try some of the great restaurants in the area including our own Tavern. There are also some other great options for food. 
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The Tavern

The Tavern at The 1850 House is a genuine piece of Rosendale's past, present, and future. Join us for a signature cocktail, craft beer or select wine. Good conversation, great drinks, and delicious pub food await you.
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Main Course Marketplace

The Main Course Marketplace is open for both lunch and dinner they serve a variety of foods such and sandwiches, salads, and more.

Market Market Café

The Market Market Café serves dishes like chicken cobb, schnitzel, meatloaf, and fish tacos. They are a great place to enjoy a causal meal.

Ship to Shore

Ship to Shore has been open since 1998 the owner carefully selects ingredients from local vendors and farming establishments. They serve a variety of breakfast lunches and dinners.
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