The 1850 House Inn wants you to experience the latest trend in relaxation. From the moment you walk into your private changing room and shower space you are welcomed with soft lighting and comfortable amenities; including earplugs, make up remover, towels and bath products.

Once your float is over soft music arouses you and allows you to awaken slowly and refreshed. After showering it's time to continue to unwind in the soothing lounge area. Complete with hair dryer, lotion, combs, a water and tea station and a play area to color, doodle or write.

"Floatation therapy is the experience of nothing"

"Our day to day lives are filled with information overload. Our brains are constantly busy processing new information, which is exhausting. Floating provides an environment where your brain is free from external stimuli and your body is free from the effects of gravity. This delivers immense benefits from temporary chronic pain relief, shortened muscle recovery time to even longer lasting anxiety relief."

Zephyr now offers massage! We can add on a massage for an additional fee. 

Promotion  starts at $399.00* double occupancy

(2) 1 hour floats, reservations and $50.00 lunch voucher to our favorite restaurants a deluxe queen room and breakfast for two.

*Weekend and peak rates additional*


What is Floating you ask?

Gravity - Stepping into the tank, you are greeted with 10 inches of water saturated with 800+ pounds of epsom salts. This makes the water extremely buoyant, much more so than the Dead Sea. Your body is fully supported by this salty water, effortlessly floating and creating a sense of weightlessness.

Temperature - The water is heated to 93.4 degrees Fahrenheit, the same temperature as your skin. After a few minutes you will forget where your body ends and the water begins.

Light + Sound - Once the door is closed behind you, the tank becomes free from light and external sound, creating a sanctuary for your mind and body.

Floatation therapy is best known for:

Stress Relief - Floating accelerates the reduction of ACTH, adrenaline, noradrenaline and cortisol levels.

Sports Medicine - Floating shortens recovery time by reducing lactate levels, stimulates muscle growth and reduces pain. (More science behind Floating for athletes.)

Creativity Enhancement - Inducing a "twilight state" (state between wakefulness and sleep), floatation opens mind up to new ideas and inventions.